POZ Showcase Playlist: Choir Vandals



Showcase features run every weekend, putting up & coming bands into the spotlight here on PropertyOfZack. We’re happy to present a series of Showcase Playlists, curated by the emerging artists themselves. Listen to Choir Vandals’ playlist on Spotify while reading their thoughts below.


The theme for our playlist is Overnight Drive. It’s all songs that we play when we are driving overnight in the van. Included are two songs from Jamie Moore, our TM/fifth wheel, too.
Good Charlotte- The Anthem
I like to listen to a lot of classic punk music when I’m driving, and this song is literally an anthem of punk rock! Not only is this song a jammer, but it’s also got an important message for the kids that I could get behind. 
The Postal Service- Such Great Heights
I’m all about playing The Postal Service when I drive during the night. The album Give Up is super upbeat and catchy, but mellow at the same time. I feel like The Postal Service doesn’t suck as bad as most stuff would on my iPod for when the guys are trying to sleep. - Josh  
Pixies- Monkey Gone to Heaven
The first time I heard this song, my mom was playing it. And I don’t think I cared too much at the time. But I liked it, and it eventually became one of my favorite songs. 
Jawbreaker- Condition Oakland
One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. It’s one of the sadder songs on 24 Hour Revenge Therapy, but it also has a lot of energy. - Micah

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